Three Squared

If there’s one job that can be said to be a challenge, it’s designing an entire corporate identity for another design firm. Universal Head met that challenge when we were asked to design the identity for Three Squared, a studio owned by a fellow designer and good friend.

As in all corporate identity jobs, the key is design a strong and effective mark, and in this case we think it’s one of our best. The Three Squared brand is powerful, instantly recognisable, meaningful and communicates about the company—all the important prerequisites for a successful brand. Once the mark was designed, Universal Head applied it to a set of stationery, a website, internal communications material, signage and a corporate brochure.

Three Squared couldn’t have been happier with the result. In fact, six years later the CEO sent over some new collateral they had created in-house to show us “how the beautiful mark you did has stood the test of time.”