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Universal Head

Design That Works.

Universal Head is Peter Gifford. Peter is an experienced visual communicator who has completed a wide variety of projects for clients all over the world. Steadfastedly independent and a firm believer in a personal approach to dealing with clients no matter their size, Peter created Universal Head in 1994 to bring his obsessive attention to detail to every aspect of his visual communication work.

Peter’s respect for quality design lies at the heart of everything he does. His mantra is that no matter the medium, no matter the solution, great design is design that works.

Oh, and the name ‘Universal Head’? It came from a little doodle Peter made back when he was getting his BA (Visual Communication) from Sydney College of the Arts; a doodle of a head looking simultaneously forward and in profile. He immediately thought it would be a great name for his own company one day.

Peter has lived and worked in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand.


Not corporate BS. Not ‘design-speak’. Just clear, intelligent, friendly communication. Universal Head will impress you with the work, not smoke and mirrors.


Think dealing with a designer is just too hard? Leave it with Universal Head. Peter will talk you through the easy process of getting a result that will impress you.


Peter has been a graphic designer his whole working life. You’re benefiting from decades of experience in countless visual communication jobs.


Work to be proud of is what it’s all about. Universal Head won’t let anything out the door that doesn’t meet Peter’s (ridiculously) high standards.